Your tin can holds your message. Your
audience’s tin can holds their intrigue.

We pull the string tightly to ensure your
message is received. We make sure
it’s loud. We make sure it’s clear.

And we make sure it’s
delivered on time.

We think Hemingway was
onto something when he
said, “All our words from
loose using have lost their edge.” In other words, we choose ’em carefully.

An unknown author once
said, “Proofread carefully
to see if you any words out.”
(Oh, and we’re pretty sure
we knew that guy.)

“Content comes first—yet
excellent design can reach people’s eyes and impress
the contents on their memories.” Hideki Nakajima said that. We agree.

Julius Schwartz penned
his own epitaph:
“Here lies Julius Schwartz.
He met his last deadline.”
That's funny.
Unless that’s what killed him.